Understanding the importance of gum health

Gum disease affects many aspects of our life but is often overlooked as it has few symptoms in its early stages – that’s why it is often called ‘the silent disease’.

The vital thing about gum disease is that it is highly preventable and, especially in the early stages, quite easily treatable. Many studies link oral health to a number of significant conditions.  There is strong evidence of the links between diabetes and gum disease.  For Alzheimer’s and cardio health the role of gum disease is less clear. More than 45% of adults in the UK are affected by gum disease and, even at its most mild level, it can affect your quality of life.

Gum disease can affect dental implants as much as natural teeth. If you have any concerns about your dentition, speak to us and we will be happy to work with your dentist in managing your case.

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